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General Commands

SHUTDOWNTurns the computer off, similar to the Unix shutdown command, except with different arguments
PUSHD/POPDPushes a directory onto the stack, popd pops that directory off. Exactly the same as in the Unix bash and tcsh shells.

Disk Maintenance Commands

DISKPARTDoes what FDISK used to do in DOS and Win 9x, but a lot more.
DEFRAGDefragments a disk, usually improves disk performance

Network Commands

IPCONFIGgets and sets information regarding the network devices, also allows for flushing the DNS cache.
PINGEssentially the same as the Unix ping command. Sends a special packet and waits for a response from a remote sever. Used to determine network quality and round trip times.
TRACERTEssentially the same as the Unix traceroute command. Will trace the path that a packet takes from one network host to another.
NSLOOKUPQuery a name server about a domain name (IP address, MX records, etc)
NETSTATDisplays information about network statistics and open ports. Similar function to Unix's netstat command
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