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Basic Setup and Administration

SQL operations

SQL (pronounced S-Q-L, not Sequal, although Sequal was the old name for the language developed by IBM in the 1970s) is an ISO standard language. Although not all of the current SQL standards have been adopted by all the modern SQL servers, the queries here should still work in whatever modern SQL server you're currently running. There may be a few small differences (for instance, Oracle requires a COMMIT command in some cases to actually save the changes to the database).

However, these articles lean more towards MySQL than any other SQL server. This is due mainly to the fact MySQL is, by far, the most popular SQL server in use today, works on just about all modern network operating systems, and it also happens to be free. If your not using MySQL and a few queries don't work, please check your user manual for your server's idiosyncrasies, and add a note regarding these (and how to make the query work in your particular SQL sever and server version number) in the discussion tab.


Accessing a SQL database from various programming languages.

Implementation Specifics

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