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Your email address and personal information will not be shared with third parties outside of and Stellimare, unless you post your private information on this site in which case we have no control over who obtains and uses that information. This user database will not be used to send marketing materials or other solicitations.

If you edit or modify a page, your user name or IP address will be recorded and made available for viewing by all.

We may use Javascript to gather information about your system so that we may better determine how we should improve the HTML/CSS coding of our site. This information includes your system, browser, and screen resolution, as well as certain installed plugins.

Your IP address and browser information is recorded by our Apache web server, and is used to determine bandwidth and usage patters of our site. Any abusive usage patterns will be reported to the network owner of that IP block, as well as to the owner of the domain found in conducting a reverse-dns lookup of the offending IP address.

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