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This is a category listing. When you put [[Category:Guides:How Do I]], your page will automagically be listed here. Please keep reading before creating a page using this category.

'"'How do I" are essentially a collection of guides that tell you how to perform common tasks

Note: The "How Do I" page servers as a master index to these articles. The master indexes should belong to Category:Guides:How_Do_I (use the language as the sort key, ie [[Category:Guides:How Do I|SQL]], and each page in the How Do I index should belong to Category:Guides:How_Do_I/(language). Make use of <metadesc content="stuff"/> to help with the search engine indexing.

IMPORTANT: Always use search keys after the category name, otherwise all of the articles will appear under the 'G' heading, which isn't much use to anyone. So, instead of [[Category:Guides:How Do I]] in Category:Guides:How Do I/SQL [[Category:Guides:How Do I|SQL]].

Always put category and metedesc tags at the very beginning of the page (this different from normal Wikipedia's conventions, but makes reclassifying pages easier)


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