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Anonymous writes are off. Too many spammers, and captchas are proving not to be enough. If you'd like write permission, you'll need to ask for it.


CoderGuide is a resource for programmers, and those wishing to learn how to write their own programs. Before adding any pages to CoderGuide, please look at the other pages to get a feel for how the site is designed.

Changes have been made to make better use of categories. Also, there is a new section for SQL (MySQL specifics will remain under Guides;MySQL). The navigation links in the side bar now direct to category pages rather than specific pages. So long as a page is assigned to the proper category, it will automatically show up in the category index. This will make the pages easier to maintain and to find for everyone.

A few articles of note:

  • C Crash Course, a crash course for the C programming langauge
  • Getting Started guide for MySQL covers setting up MySQL (after it's installed), adding and deleting databases and users, as well as backing up and restoring your MySQL database.
  • Guides:Shells for information on how to use various command shells (like Mac OS X Terminal, Bash, and Windows CMD.EXE)
  • Guides:SQL for the SQL query language.

There are 3 namespaces we use here, in addition to the Main/Article namespace: Guides, Reference, XRef (cross reference). Guides are for all documents discussing how to use utilities, and/or information on language syntax. References cover library functions and specific information on language keywords. XRef is for the language cross reference pages.

If you want to play around with editing wiki pages. Use the Sandbox on Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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